How it Works

How It Works

Ex-Online Advantages

  • Maximise your inspection efficiency
  • Inspectors spend time inspecting, not entering data to create defect lists and organise photos. Photos, inspections and drawings (with field mark-ups) are kept together to create point-in-time records.
  • Demonstrate compliance – use read-only access to share dossier information
  • Licensing is by equipment items, not users, so data can be shared as widely as you like with no cost impact.
  • Never lose your dossier again
  • Gone are the days of dusty folders getting thrown away in office clean-ups.
  • Efficient data capture and drawing mark-up
  • Pdf inspection format allows inspector to make notes and mark-up drawings during inspections, and add photos for clarity on issues.
  • Maintain item history
  • Track the history of items over time to identify common problems and optimise your maintenance spend.
  • Manage certificates and other dossier documents
  • Quickly and easily share documents and copy across multiple sites and equipment items.
  • Export dossier to Excel and pdf format
  • Create deliverable dossiers, or point-in-time snapshots. Share data across sites/installations.